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Cream dream.

Cream dream.

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Discover's game-changer: Cream Dream, a revolutionary booty cream laced with the magic of Bakuchiol, the ultimate retinol alternative. Dive into the future of skincare with our potent plant-based formula, designed to lavish your skin with the transformative benefits of Bakuchiol—minus the irritation. Perfect for every skin type, including the oh-so-sensitive and our glowing mamas-to-be.

  • Bakuchiol Magic: A potent, plant-based retinol alternative that transforms your skin, targeting hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, scars, and dryness without the harsh side effects.
  • Skin-loving Formula: Ideal for all skin types, including the sensitive ones. Plus, it's perfectly safe for our radiant pregnant and breastfeeding mamas.
  • Divine Scent: A captivating blend of jasmine, coconut, and vanilla that envelops you in luxury with every application.
  • Empowerment in a Jar: Not just a moisturizer, but a bold statement of beauty and self-love.

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