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Booty Glaze + Towel Set

Booty Glaze + Towel Set

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Get our fan-favorite booty-perfecting serum and our show-stopping cum towel in one very naughty set. 


    ✨ Helps reduce buttne and backne
    ✨ Fades the appearance of marks, scars and blemishes
    ✨ Lightens and brightens hyperpigmentation
    ✨ Plant-based and harsh chemical-free
    ✨ Cruelty-free

    Ingredient Deep Dive

    ✨Niacinamide - slays hyperpigmentation, scars and dark spots, helps reduce acne
    Green tea extract - reduces signs of sun damage and hyperpigmentation
    Shea butter - softens, helps reduce the appearance of scars
    Avocado fruit extract - improves skin elasticity
    Bentonite clay - deep cleans pores, reduces sebum causing acne
    Centella Asiatica Extract - a potent extract for scar healing, has antibacterial properties
    Rosemary Leaf Extract - helps to heal scars, soothes skin
    Echinacea Leaf Extract - protects the outer layer of skin against damage, improves hydration

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