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Booty Glaze and Scrub Duo

Booty Glaze and Scrub Duo

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The Anese Booty Duo is your secret to booty bliss. This power couple comes ready to tackle the tough stuff from cheeks to thighs:

  • That Booty Tho: Our super-fine booty scrub that doesn't mess around. It buffs and refines, leaving your skin smooth and your booty, hips, and thighs ready for their close-up.

  • Booty Glaze: This is the serum your skin's been craving. Wave goodbye to discoloration, scars, and unwanted acne. It's like a magic wand for your booty, thighs, and belly, evening out your skin tone for that flawless finish.

Get ready for smoother, selfie-worthy skin that's all about the bounce and none of the ouch. This duo doesn't just solve problems — it turns your skin into the life of the party!

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